Molecular Transcription Resonance System/Molecular Resonance Health Method - Class content (4)


The space-time power grid theory and molecular transcription resonance systems.


If you have all practiced RIM just as I taught, you should be able to experience the power of mind transmission.

Among the students who are currently in class, many have already known, more or less , about the transmission of mind before taking the RIM course. I know that some of you are therapists in this area.


Thought is the activity of particles. Why do I guide everyone to understand RIM, prior to this class? It was because I would like to use RIM to introduce the first generation of MTS. Let everyone understand that the activity of thought particles exists and has power.

Your thoughts can affect your body and affect the bodies of others.

Thought itself is an activity of particles, and thought can be transmitted in telecommunications or quantized.

You can send telecommunications, and you can also receive telecommunications sent to you by others.


I have studied qigong in the past, but in the process of studying qigong, I found some inside stories. I call it inside stories because of my actual research experience, pertaining to some doctors and friends I know who have been exposed to qigong and what happened to them. I began to realize that some things were not what we saw outside.

So, I categorically stepped out of the framework of qigong and then started to research and think about some things in the universe again. Then I developed this RIM treatment method.

I thought to myself: Can I teach my students?

If I taught my students at that time, what would happen at that time?

I cannot tell people that RIM is qigong, and many people will wonder, is it qigong?


When you were a rookie in qigong, you could not treat your own body or the bodies of others immediately. Those teachers usually teach you a lot of skills, and then after a long time of practice, you have a way to treat others. Those students who are new to Qigong do not have a chance to immediately learn the methods I taught you today, such as teaching a foreigner how to adjust his immobile left iliac bone and teaching you to adjust your cervical spine immediately.

I can tell him how to do it directly online, he can learn immediately, and then heal himself, and he is also cured.

However, if you go to learn qigong, you may have to learn for a while before you have the ability to help others treat the iliac bones, the cervical spine, and the hands, right!

Why didn't I teach RIM first, rather than the first generation for my students? That's the method of knocking and wiping on drugs, meridian diagrams, and anatomical diagrams. You can see our early videos on YouTube. Although I had already begun to study the concepts of quantum physics and knowledge about string theory at that time, the concepts of quantum physics were not very common at that time. Everyone knows how to use computers and surf the Internet, but only a few people really know that computers and the Internet both are derived from the foundation of quantum physics. At that time, there was very little discussion about quantum medicine in the medical field, and my students would be confused.


I decided to teach my students the first generation, and I also wrote a book to introduce the first generation. In the book, I hinted that I will develop digital electronic medicine.

In 2010, I published space-time power grid theory and molecular transcription resonance theory.



Let's first look at the theory of space-time power grids:

Even if the particle speed is like the speed of light, just convert to a mode that can be carried, it will have characteristics of mass and can generate interactive forces. And to use the telecommunication network that is constructed by the constant motion of charged particles in space and time as the path of message transmission.    – Hu Youning


“Even if the particle speed is like the speed of light, just convert to a mode that can be carried” …….

This is very important!!


The particle is fast, but I want to convert it into a mode that can be carried because I want it to have mass.

Because I need to use gravity, it can produce the interaction force. What do the interaction forces do?

I want to transfer this interactive force to the person I want to treat. However, in the process of transferring it, I cannot always use my thoughts and imagination to transfer it. I must use the perpetual motion of charged particles in space and time that constructed telecommunication networks.


Think about it, everyone. If God gives you wind, what would you do with wind?

You can design electric fans, fly kites, or develop wind power generation. But, if you don’t make use of wind, the wind will blow away, right?

If God or the universe gave you gravitation, do you want to use this existing power, or not? If you make use of it, you can make a glider, and you can also use it as the basis of space-time power grid theory/molecular transcription resonance theory.

It is very important to put to good use what already exists in this world.


Since we want to make use of this “space-time grid”, how to explain the two words "space-time".

I say that: now an alien is going to come to me by Time Shuttle.

He asked: Where are you?

I told him: I'm on the 2nd floor, No. 73, East 2nd Road, Yongchun.

What I told him was the positioning of the three-dimensional space; it is the XYZ space, right?

Can he really find me in this XYZ space?

If he is tens of thousands of light-years away from me, can he find me in this place?

Impossible! Why? What information does he still lack?

He must come here to find me on this day of my existence, at this point in time.


So you can find that the so-called space-time positioning should not only include XYZ, it's just spatial positioning.

We must also include time positioning. That completes the four dimensions.


If we are talking about a multiverse today, then there will be eight dimensions, 12 dimensions, and even more dimensions are possible.

(to be continued……)