Molecular Transcription Resonance System/Molecular Resonance Health Method - Class content (2)

Everybody, in the past, you learned the first generation of RIM, you used the knocking method! In fact, you can also use the methods of wipe and stroke to slowly organize your muscles.

If you feel tired from knocking, you can wipe it directly. You can put your virtual body parts on the table or on the bed and slowly organize the muscles, or you can smooth the muscles by using the rubbing in one direction only, not back and forth.


I told my American friend: This method can not only treat the buttocks! It can also treat other parts of the body.

I said: Turn your head and let me see.

He turned his head by turning his body and head together. This is wrong; it means the neck is too tight. This will get worse when you get older.

Then, I helped him to separate the neck bones (adjusting the cervical spine by RIM) to increase the spaces between each cervical vertebra.

After adjusting the cervical spine, his head can turn around like this, and turn around like that, more flexibility.


I told him: You have already understood the RIM. You know that it is not used to harm people. It is specifically used to treat people. Please help me to name RIM with an English name.

Then, he asked a question. He said: How do I end my treatment?

I said: It's very simple; you just need to forget it. After you do any RIM, grasp a principle: forget it. Keep your heart simple and forget it!!


As for voodoo, some people will use it to harm people. Don’t be afraid of these things, because it will have a reactionary event.

When you hurt others, the reaction force of that particle will harm you back; but when you help others, the reaction force will return to you, and you will become better. Do you understand the meaning?

As long as you grasp a principle: forget it, there is nothing; but if you hang it in your heart or have evil intentions to hurt people, then I'm sorry, you have to bear the consequences yourself.

The English of RIM is: Resonance Imagery Motion

This English name is well translated. It is a very scientific name, derived from the experience and comprehension of a foreigner.


You see, I can teach him by online video, and similarly, you can also use online video to learn and teach other people.Including the intermediate RIM that I am going to teach you in the next class.


Next, let's watch a video. This is a video that I used ten years ago to teach physical therapists how to adjust bones.

(Video playing...)


About 30 years ago, Dr. Yan suffered a bone fracture in his left wrist when he participated in an international competition. He was unable to bend his wrist 90 degrees. I never helped him adjust the bone, until 15 years ago; I adjusted his wrist for the first time. Take a closer look at the method I used to make the adjustment. First, I must make a space between the wrist bone, radius, and ulna, and then move the misaligned bones back to their original positions. You see, this way the wrist can be bent 90 degrees.


From the video, you can find that you need to go through a lot of procedures to adjust the bones for a patient.

You would say: Teacher, I have never studied these courses, how can I remember clearly so many programs?

Let me tell you if you can't memorize these programs, at least the video will leave some impressions on your mind.


Does anyone have problems with their hands now? What you have to do now is not knock on your virtual injured hand, or put your virtual hand on the table and knock it. No, because these are basic courses.

The basic RIM skills can be viewed on videos by former lecturers’ classes.

Now, everyone will start to learn intermediate skills.

(Students learn through video...)


Some students asked: Teacher, I did not learn the adjustment skills of yours, I learned the skills of other teachers.

I said: No problem! You can also make use of those skills you already learned while operating RIM.

(To be continued…….)