Cat's purr

People who have raised cats know when they are happy and satisfied, or when they are hungry or anxious a special purr will occur. The frequency of this purr has been shown to promote the growth of human bones and body tissues. The gains from this research have inspired some scientists to hope to find ways to prevent osteoporosis during human space voyages.
I have also thought about this issue recently. If the study was accurate and effective, why not use MTS/LSF?
From the perspective of bio-quality transcription, the cat's purr is better than the human voice. In the past, we used bio-photographs that are better than humans as carriers. Of course, we can also use the sound of creatures as a carrier. The key point is that we must confirm that the sound of the creature is indeed effective to restore human health.
Suppose that the cat's purr study does confirm that it can promote the growth of human bones and body tissues. How to set it as a "safety carrier"?
"Safety carrier" is the focus I have been emphasizing.
First of all, you must make sure that the cat is healthy when you are ready to collect the purr.
When you have successfully collected the sound, store it on the computer or mobile phone. Next, make a specific carrier for the cat's purr and your voice. While playing the purring sound, record the purring and your voice at the same time with the mobile phone or computer that has already installed MTS/LSF, and then archive it. The file name is: cat and me. This is a convenient and fast method for those who don't know how to use the editor.
When using MTS/LSF, directly click on the file named the cat and me, which are the methods of using this sound file as a carrier for the medical functions and the carrier wave of transmitting the message.
MTS/LSF can do many things, especially in the medical field. As long as we use the right method, we can help humans solve the disease problems that have been plaguing society for a long time.
I know that some scientists will plan to incorporate a cat's purr in the astronauts’ spacesuits; why not use the MTS/LSF system to operate directly by members of the Space Agency command center. Because MTS/LSF does not have time, place, or distance limits, the cost is unimaginably lower than the purr of the cat built into the spacesuit and more easily achieved.