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A Pioneering Experiment in the Prevention and Control of Animal Diseases - Research on the Control of Plant Diseases and Insects

A Pioneering Experiment in the Prevention and Control of Animal Diseases - Research on the Control of Plant Diseases and Insects


Baichao Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has started a new research project in 2022 to make use of the MTS/LSF system on plants to control diseases and Insects.

The main purpose of launching this research project is to let the industry or relevant government departments know that MTS/LSF system might also be used further as a means of animal disease prevention and control through research on plant diseases and insect pests.


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Original URL: Unprecedented bird flu outbreak in UK and Europe, more than 48 million birds culled.

The UK and Europe have been hit by an unprecedented outbreak of avian flu, with more than 48 million birds culled since October 2021, according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The range of influence from Northern Europe, Norway, and Portugal to the United Kingdom and the whole of Europe, and even across the Atlantic Ocean, spreading to North America along the migration route of migratory birds.


This wave of the global bird flu epidemic has also spread to Taiwan, and a large number of chickens have been culled, causing a serious egg shortage. The European Union has agreed that its member states’ chickens will be vaccinated, replacing the culling strategy. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has also begun testing bird flu vaccines, but vaccinated chickens are still restricted by the country's trade laws and cannot be exported.


Let’s try to think about a question: If 48 million poultry birds are culled every year because of avian flu, in order to supplement the supply, 48 million poultry birds must be produced again, which is equivalent to the need to produce 96 million poultry birds every year. This is not a simple numerical relationship, but a waste of huge natural resources, human resources, material resources, economic resources, and so on. What mankind has to face is not only the above mentioned waste, but also the unwarranted loss of life and serious environmental pollution.


Let's think about the second question: Because avian flu happens every year, vaccinating birds may increase the risk of bird-to-human transmission. We can use MTS/LSF to make the avian flu vaccine into digital electronic medicine so that the staff will not come into contact with the birds.


Finally, let us think about whether it is possible to cure birds when they are infected with avian influenza. What kind of medicine is used? Can we use these medicines and convert them into digital electronic medicines?


Although these birds ultimately serve humans and other animals, if 48 million birds can be saved every year, this is an experiment worthy of attention and research.


Of course, we also hope that this research can be extended to the prevention and control of diseases in domestic animals, such as pigs and cattle.







英國和歐洲遭受到史無前例的超嚴重禽流感襲擊,據歐洲疾病預防控制中心 (ECDC) 數據顯示,自 2021 10 月至今,超過 4,800 萬隻禽鳥遭到撲殺。影響範圍自北歐挪威、葡萄牙到英國與全歐陸,甚至跨越大西洋,隨候鳥遷徙路線蔓延到北美。

原文網址: 英國、歐洲爆「史無前例」禽流感 撲殺超過4,800萬隻禽鳥 | 國際 | Newtalk新聞 https://newtalk.tw/news/view/2022-10-03/826232

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