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Molecular Transcription Resonance System/Molecular Resonance Health Method - Class content (5)

We are going to talk about another basic concept of MTS: gravity.

Why is the gravity curvature of time and space?

Any object exists in the continuum of time and space and distorts the time and space around them. It is this distortion that pulls in other objects, which is gravity.

Because of gravity, the moon revolves around the earth.


The earth is not the only one in this time and space, there are many planets. (picture)

This is not drawn by a scientist. I asked Teacher Jiang to draw my thoughts. It is a time-space landscape.

There is a planet here and there is a planet there, our map of the landscape is not flat. It is comprised of numerous planets; therefore, the time-space landscape must be multiple.


If there are many planets in this area and the mass is high, this place will be denser, and if there are only a few planets in that area, it will be relatively flat. Multiple space-time networks will overlap each other. It is not flat and also has no range; it is expanded, extended, and continuous.


Knowing that there is gravity, we must know gravity waves. Gravity waves spread in space and time like ripples. When objects with huge mass (such as black holes) move in space, they will cause gravitational waves to propagate in the universe. (This is a schematic diagram, not the real appearance of gravity waves.)

Einstein first predicted the existence of gravity waves in 1915. He said: There may be no way to prove it.

Do you know why he thought that way? I think it was because he was unable to predict the stage of the future development of science and technology and whether there are so many countries willing to invest in research to find gravity waves.


He said Space is enormously stiff. You can’t squish it. You can’t distort space very much. But you do get a littledistortion.


The technology at the time was indeed not observable, but it should exist in theory. This theory was published, and it was not actually observed until 100 years later. I will briefly explain the process:

1. Since September 2015, the 4 gravity wave signals detected by LIGO and Virgo resulted from the collision of two black holes. A black hole will swallow almost all the energy produced by the impact, electromagnetic waves, neutrinos, and high-energy particles. These gravitational wave events "can only be heard but not seen."


2. In order to "see" gravity wave events, scientists pin their hopes on neutron stars, the smallest but densest stars in the universe. Their diameter is only 20 kilometers, but the mass of a spoon is as high as 1 billion tons, which is about the weight of the entire Mount Everest.


3. Researchers from the US Laser Interferometry Gravity Wave Observatory (LIGO), the Italian Virgo Interferometer (Virgo), and 70 ground and space telescopes, after two months of observation and analysis; on October 16, 2017, a press conference was held simultaneously in multiple institutions to inform the world: On August 17, human beings first detected gravity waves generated by a neutron star impact and for the first time by gravity at the same time. Waves and electromagnetic waves (light) observe a cosmic event.


NASA made a video to show the gravity waves were observed. We also made use of NASA's video to make another video to tell you what LSF is about.

In the video, I said: If gravity waves are the heartbeat of the universe, the Light Sound Flow is the pulse of the universe.                                        

 _Hu Youning



At that time, some scientists also said: OK! We have now observed gravity waves, and now we can begin to study them. How can we use the gravity wave for research and development? However, our products LSF/MTS were launched before the gravity waves were observed. We repeatedly told everyone that LSF/MTS is the application of gravity waves and the concept of quantum physics. At that time, no one believed us. Sometimes, there are some epoch-making inventions, in the beginning, people poured cold water on them.


This time the observation is 130 million light-years away in the NGC 4993 Hydra galaxy. Gravity waves were formed by two neutron stars from orbiting each other to colliding with each other. I want to use this event to tell you a very important concept: the space-time power grid is a continuous superposition phenomenon.


I hope you will notice that the activities that had occurred 130 million light-years ago have been observed by us now. What does this mean?

There are many stars in the sky that are tens of millions of light-years away from us. We see their light now, although maybe some stars no longer exist.


We now see it glowing, which represents the phenomenon of continuous superposition of the space-time grid; time is continuous without interruption; space also continues without interruption; time and space are connected and cannot be dissociated. You must have this concept first!!


Space-time is the state of continuous superposition phenomenon, and the space-time grid is also a continuous superposition phenomenon. From the beginning of our class to the present, our time and space are continuous without interruption. If you can understand this concept, then you can understand that once a sound is recorded, that sound will always be valid; once a photo has been taken that photo will always be useful. Because the space-time power grid is a continuous superposition phenomenon.

(to be continued…)