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The space-time power grid theory and molecular transcription resonance systems.


If you have all practiced RIM just as I taught, you should be able to experience the power of mind transmission.

Among the students who are currently in class, many have already known, more or less , about the transmission of mind before taking the RIM course. I know that some of you are therapists in this area.


Thought is the activity of particles. Why do I guide everyone to understand RIM, prior to this class? It was because I would like to use RIM to introduce the first generation of MTS. Let everyone understand that the activity of thought particles exists and has power.

Your thoughts can affect your body and affect the bodies of others.

Thought itself is an activity of particles, and thought can be transmitted in telecommunications or quantized.

You can send telecommunications, and you can also receive telecommunications sent to you by others.


I have studied qigong in the past, but in the process of studying qigong, I found some inside stories. I call it inside stories because of my actual research experience, pertaining to some doctors and friends I know who have been exposed to qigong and what happened to them. I began to realize that some things were not what we saw outside.

So, I categorically stepped out of the framework of qigong and then started to research and think about some things in the universe again. Then I developed this RIM treatment method.

I thought to myself: Can I teach my students?

If I taught my students at that time, what would happen at that time?

I cannot tell people that RIM is qigong, and many people will wonder, is it qigong?


When you were a rookie in qigong, you could not treat your own body or the bodies of others immediately. Those teachers usually teach you a lot of skills, and then after a long time of practice, you have a way to treat others. Those students who are new to Qigong do not have a chance to immediately learn the methods I taught you today, such as teaching a foreigner how to adjust his immobile left iliac bone and teaching you to adjust your cervical spine immediately.

I can tell him how to do it directly online, he can learn immediately, and then heal himself, and he is also cured.

However, if you go to learn qigong, you may have to learn for a while before you have the ability to help others treat the iliac bones, the cervical spine, and the hands, right!

Why didn't I teach RIM first, rather than the first generation for my students? That's the method of knocking and wiping on drugs, meridian diagrams, and anatomical diagrams. You can see our early videos on YouTube. Although I had already begun to study the concepts of quantum physics and knowledge about string theory at that time, the concepts of quantum physics were not very common at that time. Everyone knows how to use computers and surf the Internet, but only a few people really know that computers and the Internet both are derived from the foundation of quantum physics. At that time, there was very little discussion about quantum medicine in the medical field, and my students would be confused.


I decided to teach my students the first generation, and I also wrote a book to introduce the first generation. In the book, I hinted that I will develop digital electronic medicine.

In 2010, I published space-time power grid theory and molecular transcription resonance theory.



Let's first look at the theory of space-time power grids:

Even if the particle speed is like the speed of light, just convert to a mode that can be carried, it will have characteristics of mass and can generate interactive forces. And to use the telecommunication network that is constructed by the constant motion of charged particles in space and time as the path of message transmission.    – Hu Youning


“Even if the particle speed is like the speed of light, just convert to a mode that can be carried” …….

This is very important!!


The particle is fast, but I want to convert it into a mode that can be carried because I want it to have mass.

Because I need to use gravity, it can produce the interaction force. What do the interaction forces do?

I want to transfer this interactive force to the person I want to treat. However, in the process of transferring it, I cannot always use my thoughts and imagination to transfer it. I must use the perpetual motion of charged particles in space and time that constructed telecommunication networks.


Think about it, everyone. If God gives you wind, what would you do with wind?

You can design electric fans, fly kites, or develop wind power generation. But, if you don’t make use of wind, the wind will blow away, right?

If God or the universe gave you gravitation, do you want to use this existing power, or not? If you make use of it, you can make a glider, and you can also use it as the basis of space-time power grid theory/molecular transcription resonance theory.

It is very important to put to good use what already exists in this world.


Since we want to make use of this “space-time grid”, how to explain the two words "space-time".

I say that: now an alien is going to come to me by Time Shuttle.

He asked: Where are you?

I told him: I'm on the 2nd floor, No. 73, East 2nd Road, Yongchun.

What I told him was the positioning of the three-dimensional space; it is the XYZ space, right?

Can he really find me in this XYZ space?

If he is tens of thousands of light-years away from me, can he find me in this place?

Impossible! Why? What information does he still lack?

He must come here to find me on this day of my existence, at this point in time.


So you can find that the so-called space-time positioning should not only include XYZ, it's just spatial positioning.

We must also include time positioning. That completes the four dimensions.


If we are talking about a multiverse today, then there will be eight dimensions, 12 dimensions, and even more dimensions are possible.

(to be continued……)



Molecular Transcription Resonance System/Molecular Resonance Health Method - Class content (3)

Next, we will begin to learn how to use RIM to adjust the cervical spine.

Watch the video, the name of this action is Golden Rooster Eating Rice. This is one of the basic actions we can use to adjust the cervical spine.


Let's check the position of the mastoids first, if the height is different between both the left and right, the mastoid which is lower will also make it difficult to lift up your arm on the same side. If you don’t know how to check which side is lower, don’t worry, because that requires experience. You can raise both hands at the same time, compare which hand is not easy to lift, that means the position of the mastoid is lower. It is because our mastoids should be parallel, if the position of the mastoid is lower and will compress the nerve roots on that side, so the hand on that side will be more difficult to lift.

Make sure you are facing the back of your virtual head because you need to make cervical spine adjustments from the back of the virtual head.

Your thumbs has to push against the lower edge of the mastoids, the other four fingers are spread out and attach to the temporal side of the head and cheeks. Then raise and extend the virtual neck slightly, and then you nod the virtual head. During the clinical operation, we will give the patient a command to make the patient nod by themselves, but when operating the RIM, we only need to use the thumbs against the mastoids and apply a bit of pressure to make the virtual head nod.

Do the same action three times over and over again. Please note that this is a basic relaxation of the cervical spine.


You made a test before if your right hand was not easy to lift, you do the formal adjustment of the cervical spine, turn your virtual head to the direction of one o’clock position and nod; if your left hand was not easy to lift, and you need to nod at eleven o'clock position.


Remember, you need to do three frontal stretching and nodding movements before turning your head to make adjustments.


Q: A student asks: How long will it keep after adjusting the cervical spine in this way?

A: I replied: If you adjusted your cervical spine correctly, and you maintain your posture correctly, it will keep for a long time.

Rehabilitation and maintenance must be done at the same time!

Q: A student said: We have never studied anatomy, and we don't know the precise position

of the bones.

A: Don’t worry! It’s okay! Because our next courses will help you build experience slowly. Now the Internet is very convenient. Just search on the Internet and you can find the anatomy pictures. If you are interested in research, you can also buy anatomy books online.

Q: A student said: I can't imagine myself and heal myself but I can imagine someone else’s in my body and treat him.

A: No way!! If you can’t even imagine your own body, how could you imagine other bodies

in your body? You can imagine other bodies in your body that means you can

imagine, right?

But, don’t put other people’s particles in your body.

If you want to treat someone’s neck, if you can imagine someone in your body, you use this imaginative method to imagine that he/she is next to you, and you can move them.


There is a practice method. If you want to treat your family or friends, use online video. You talk to them and look at them, and it will be easier to change their virtual position. You can also operate RIM by looking at their photos. However, these are the first-generation operation methods. If you are staying outside, you may not have all the tools or carriers around you, so you must rely on your mind to do the treatment. (Unless you use LSF/MTSV) Therefore, you should practice RIM well.


Q: Student asks: Is this method also used for a stiff neck?

A: First of all, you need to relax your sternocleidomastoid muscle first. If you still can't relax

  the sternocleidomastoid muscle, use the Golden Rooster Eating Rice action. Then whichever side of the muscle is tight, you nod to that side.

The Golden Rooster Eating Rice action can be applied to almost all the cervical spine problems that you have experienced. Coupled with the method of relaxing the muscles on both sides of the cervical spine, the symptoms of the stiff neck can be improved.


If you want to end the treatment, forgetting it is the easiest way. Everything will be fine. Otherwise, after all the people I have adjusted, I would have been lying on the ground by now.


Molecular Transcription Resonance System/Molecular Resonance Health Method - Class content (2)

Everybody, in the past, you learned the first generation of RIM, you used the knocking method! In fact, you can also use the methods of wipe and stroke to slowly organize your muscles.

If you feel tired from knocking, you can wipe it directly. You can put your virtual body parts on the table or on the bed and slowly organize the muscles, or you can smooth the muscles by using the rubbing in one direction only, not back and forth.


I told my American friend: This method can not only treat the buttocks! It can also treat other parts of the body.

I said: Turn your head and let me see.

He turned his head by turning his body and head together. This is wrong; it means the neck is too tight. This will get worse when you get older.

Then, I helped him to separate the neck bones (adjusting the cervical spine by RIM) to increase the spaces between each cervical vertebra.

After adjusting the cervical spine, his head can turn around like this, and turn around like that, more flexibility.


I told him: You have already understood the RIM. You know that it is not used to harm people. It is specifically used to treat people. Please help me to name RIM with an English name.

Then, he asked a question. He said: How do I end my treatment?

I said: It's very simple; you just need to forget it. After you do any RIM, grasp a principle: forget it. Keep your heart simple and forget it!!


As for voodoo, some people will use it to harm people. Don’t be afraid of these things, because it will have a reactionary event.

When you hurt others, the reaction force of that particle will harm you back; but when you help others, the reaction force will return to you, and you will become better. Do you understand the meaning?

As long as you grasp a principle: forget it, there is nothing; but if you hang it in your heart or have evil intentions to hurt people, then I'm sorry, you have to bear the consequences yourself.

The English of RIM is: Resonance Imagery Motion

This English name is well translated. It is a very scientific name, derived from the experience and comprehension of a foreigner.


You see, I can teach him by online video, and similarly, you can also use online video to learn and teach other people.Including the intermediate RIM that I am going to teach you in the next class.


Next, let's watch a video. This is a video that I used ten years ago to teach physical therapists how to adjust bones.

(Video playing...)


About 30 years ago, Dr. Yan suffered a bone fracture in his left wrist when he participated in an international competition. He was unable to bend his wrist 90 degrees. I never helped him adjust the bone, until 15 years ago; I adjusted his wrist for the first time. Take a closer look at the method I used to make the adjustment. First, I must make a space between the wrist bone, radius, and ulna, and then move the misaligned bones back to their original positions. You see, this way the wrist can be bent 90 degrees.


From the video, you can find that you need to go through a lot of procedures to adjust the bones for a patient.

You would say: Teacher, I have never studied these courses, how can I remember clearly so many programs?

Let me tell you if you can't memorize these programs, at least the video will leave some impressions on your mind.


Does anyone have problems with their hands now? What you have to do now is not knock on your virtual injured hand, or put your virtual hand on the table and knock it. No, because these are basic courses.

The basic RIM skills can be viewed on videos by former lecturers’ classes.

Now, everyone will start to learn intermediate skills.

(Students learn through video...)


Some students asked: Teacher, I did not learn the adjustment skills of yours, I learned the skills of other teachers.

I said: No problem! You can also make use of those skills you already learned while operating RIM.

(To be continued…….)



Molecular Transcription Resonance System/Molecular Resonance Health Method - Class content (1)

The English of RIM is: Resonance Imagery Motion

Before our formal class begins, I would like to inform you that I am a researcher, and not a medical professional.

In the past, you have often asked me: Are there any effects of what goes with what?

I have explained there are certain things you cannot do. That is for your safety; sometime if you are dealing with urgent problems, you may combine a lot of carriers, but it may not be necessary. It may help you, or it may harm you. But it does not mean that when I tell you: you cannot do this. That does not mean that you are wrong. I do not mean that! Why? Because you can try it by yourself, you can try your method. If it is not working, stop immediately. The carriers you use might be good for some people, but may not be suitable for your situation.


I cannot specifically comment on your choice of carriers that you want to add. There are so many medical factions and there are a variety of medical factors involved. So I have to say: If you want to try, you can try. But, I am here to tell you again: Epoch-making changes have been discovered by accident! Maybe you will find it by accident; you will become another discoverer!


But if you add something you want to mix and the effect is not good, you have to figure it out by yourself, do not tell me that LSF/MTSV is invalid.


LSF/MTSV is a resonance tool. You must select what carriers are suitable for your symptoms. This is crucial! You cannot say: Ah, those for weight loss are not effective, and those carriers for flu and cough are not effective. You have to see whether those carriers you choose are correct. How can you expect if you take stomach medicine it will treat the flu effectively? So you have to recognize this first!


We officially introduce our topic Molecular Transcription Resonance System/Molecular Resonance Health Method

First generation

Why must I teach you about the first-generation, regardless of whether you are a new student, or old?

Do you know what your biggest problem is?

When you introduce your family to my system, they are often skeptical. You wish to record their voice and then run the software to treat them. Perhaps they do not believe you. They will say that you definitely believe who said or what..., and then you cannot explain why.

You always talk to your family: If you do not understand, it doesn't matter, you just use it. That’s all.

When they ask you and you can't answer them, they will say: Who are you listening to? You have been deceived again. It’s because you can't clearly explain this theory to them.

That is very important to understand the theory. You must study the theory.


We go directly to the RIM unit

RIM is the beginning of our entire system. RIM originally only had Chinese names, but I thought: What if one day I want to explain RIM to foreigners. How will I describe it in English?

For those students who have already participated in RIM, think about it, too. If you want to

introduce RIM to a foreign friend, how do you say it in English?


There is a story behind the origin of this English name.

Because I was thinking at the time: How can I introduce RIM to foreign friends?

Do I tell him that it is witchcraft? Westerners do not believe in witchcraft.

Do I tell him that it is voodoo? They will have a skeptical look and feel it is harmful because it involves some strange things! What English words should be used to express it?


I asked my American friend if he had ever heard of voodoo?

He said: I have a friend from Haiti. I know voodoo. I have been to Haiti, but when they were doing voodoo magic, because I was a foreigner, they did not allow me to enter the house.

I asked him: So you have never seen anyone use voodoo?

He said: He knew they used a doll or something, and then they would use a needle to puncture the doll made of animal bones or straw, and then they would do something to hurt people, strange things, or medical treatment.

I told him: Do you know that I have been studying voodoo for more than 20 years?

He was surprised! But, because I used LSF to help him on many occasions in the past, including during his cancer surgery, I assisted him. Also, after he received the Covid-19 vaccine, he had some serious side effects, which I also used LSF to help him get through the danger. So, he felt very interested, and he said: Oh! You have been studying for more than 20 years!

I told him: Do you want to learn? I will teach you, and you can learn it right away.

He said: OK! OK!

I think it is based on trusting me.


I told him: Now imagine it, do you remember what you had for breakfast today?

He said: I know! I ate cereal.

I asked him: Do you remember what color was the bowl?

He said: I remember.

I asked: Can you imagine, there is a bowl of that color in your brain, with cereal in it, and the image of you eating cereal in the morning.

He replied: Yes!

I said: OK! Then you have reached the first step.

The next thing is that you like a football team, but you can’t join that football team because you are very thin.

So, can you imagine that you are playing football with your favorite football players on that football team?

He said: Yes, I can imagine.

I said: Okay, you also did the second step.


I continued to say: You can't turn somersaults; can you imagine you are turning somersaults?

He said: Of course, I can.

I said: You also did the third step. So, is there any physical discomfort in your body now? I will teach you to treat your body by yourself immediately.

He said: Actually, my left hip is very uncomfortable.

The reason is he is getting older, he also feels that he wants to delay aging, so he plans to take 10,000 steps every day.

At first, I suggested to him don’t walk too much at once, because his muscle strength is not enough and he will get hurt.

But he persisted. A few days later, he told me that his left hip was very painful.

I said: It is just right to try. I will teach you how to treat your own buttocks. You now imagine placing your injured buttocks where your hands are easy to reach. Because it is the left hip, for you, you can imagine you are lying on your stomach, or you can imagine you lying on your side with your left hip facing up. Then, you imagine slapping your left hip with your hand.


At first, he just sat still; he used his brain to imagine that he was slapping his left hip with his hand.

I said: No. You have to actually use your hand to slap your imaginary left hip. Virtual left hip. If after slapping your left hip, your hand felt tired, you can wipe.

About a minute later, he said: Really, I feel better!

I said: As long as you continue to do this, just do it as you imagine it, anytime, no matter where you are. You can also do it in bed. You just lie on the bed, put your imaginary virtual body on the bed, and use your real hand to pat or touch.

His hips improved, and the next day, he continued to walk. Keep walking, and then keep touching. He is sure that he could really heal himself. He did not feel any pain after he used the RIM method.

(To be continued…….)