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Next, we are going to talk about three kinds of particles. The space-time grid is composed of three kinds of particles.

The first is the space-time particles, the second is the charged particles in space-time, and the third is the particles that make up the objects in space-time.


(1) Space-time particles

(Picture) This is the space-time landscape we just showed you.

Look at these small particles one by one. This is the particle that forms the space-time web. (Formed by space-time particles)

This space-time background is composed of these tiny particles. The particle itself spins, and the spin of the particle forms an electrical field. As long as there is a change in potential energy, there will be electricity, and spin itself is a change in potential energy. It will form an electrical field. There will be an interaction between the electrical fields. They form the foundation of a power grid.

I hope everybody can understand this concept. This is one of the space-time particle networks I explained, and its smallest structural unit is the space-time particle.


(2) Charged particles in space-time

(Video) This is our simulation of the activities of charged particles in space-time. Charged particles don't have a certain direction, and there is no certain direction in which they should go. They are in space-time activity.


  The charged particles in space-time have their own mass, and there will be interactions between particles and particles.

(Picture, all the blue lines you see is the gravitational forces of their interacting with each other.)

  These particles will spin themselves, and when they spin, they will generate an electric field of their own. Other particles will also spin and form their own electric field. They all have interaction forces with each other, so we use lines to express this interaction force, and you can see it more clearly.


  Some places on the map are more crowded, which means that the particle activity in that place is more frequent, and some places are looser, and there is less particle activity there. But some particles are big and some are small. (Picture) The mass is large of the big ones and the smaller ones are smaller. However, it not always likes that. For example, the neutron star we just talked about, they are small, but their mass is very large. The mass of just a spoon is equivalent to one Mount Everest. Therefore, we cannot judge the mass in terms of large or small.


  There are countless charged particles in space-time, and the space-time network will overlap with the grid formed by the activities of charged particles in space-time. Charged particles in space-time will also interact with space-time particles. (Picture: Because space-time is multiple, this is a schematic diagram of the overlapping of space-time network and the charged particle network in space-time).


(3) Particles that form objects in space-time.

    Everything is made up of the particles that make it up. (Picture) So, do animals and airplanes interact with each other? Yes! Do butterflies and trees interact with each other? Yes! Do people and trees? Yes! All things interact with each other.

It's like this (picture)

   So, everyone found, wow!  I have to draw a lot to explain a theory to others, it is really complicated. I have to draw so many nets, so many particles, and so many things.

   I don't want to paint too much, so I paint just a little. (Picture: Space-Time power grid)


   We finally use the simplest space-time power grid, but everybody has to know that the space-time power grid we are talking about has three kinds of particles:

1. The space-time particles

2. The charged particles in space-time

3. Particles that form objects in space-time

These particles form a space-time power grid, and I use it to explain my Space-time power grid theory.


Are there gravitational waves in the activity of these particles?

It is not only the activities of neutron stars that have gravitational waves, and it is not only the activities of black holes that have gravitational waves. The gravitational waves generated by the activities of particles are not easy to observe, so it requires the motion of large celestial bodies to be able to observe them. For example, to observe the Higgs boson, a 27 kilometer long LHC would need to be built to accelerate particle collisions before they can be observed.

(Picture) The particles shown in the picture have gravitational waves between each other. Do I have gravitational waves with them? Yes. Are there any gravitational waves between me and you? Yes, there are. But there is no way to observe this. This activity can only be observed by a very large celestial body.

But, it doesn't mean that it does not exist because you can't observe it! Our technology hasn't advanced enough at this time.

So let's go a step further now, we already know gravity, we know gravitational waves, we know things in space and time.

Every kind of thing is composed of different bonds of particles, and has its own matter-waves, which is the "natural frequency".

This skeleton model has its own matter- waves, the apple has the matter-waves of the apple, my pen has its matter-waves, and I also have my matter-waves.

Next, for matter waves, I hope you can grasp the following two concepts:

The first:

Look at a cup here. This cup has the matter waves of the cup, right? I put water in this cup, and the water has matter waves of itself, but which elements are the matter waves of water composed of? We all know, which are two hydrogens (H) and one oxygen (O), bonded to form water.

Everything has its own matter-waves, and we must make good use of these matter-waves.

The second:

The smallest, basic essence in space-time is the particle. These particles also have their own matter-waves. So will the matter-waves generated by the particle vibrations that make up these things affect the matter-waves of the particles moving in space-time and the particles of the space-time network? The answer is: yes! Those are the frequencies we often talk about. They will all affect each other.


(Picture) Here, let me explain to you again. This is the space-time grid. There are some particles moving in space-time. There is ginseng (medicine) in this place. Does ginseng have the matter-waves of ginseng? Yes, it does.

There is a person who just needs ginseng, so I have to pass the effect of this ginseng to that person. What should I do at this time? I just need to strengthen the matter-waves of this ginseng, because when ginseng vibrates, the space-time grid vibrates, too.

Think about it in your heart! When you get an electric shock, it's not just your fingers that get an electric shock; it's going to spread to your whole body, right?

Therefore, we can use such a network transmission to transmit the information of ginseng to people. In this case, we don't need to wear a device.

(to be continued…)



重症肌無力(Myasthenia gravis)









1.    雖然在原方案執行了第二天已經改善,但是復原的程度以0-10來測量,之後連續兩天一直停留在等級4

2.    2021/12/24這天,朋友配合我進行盲測。所謂盲測,就是受測者不知道被使用何種載體,大約2-3分鐘後,請受測者描述患處感受,或活動身體其他部位,描述有何不同感覺。因為我事先假設朋友是神經受損,而原方案使症狀恢復至等級4即停頓,所以我在原方案的基礎上新增一張蠍子。而藥庫裡有兩張蠍子,一張是放3隻,一張是放5隻。我先使用3隻,朋友感覺有進展;我再換用5隻,目的是測試哪一張比較適合?結果是3隻比較適合。然而,這次的進程非常緩慢,症狀等級進步到3-2之間,但是又開始停頓。

3.    2022/01/08我再次執行盲測,增加一張地龍,執行兩分鐘後,朋友覺得可以比較靈活張開上眼瞼眼角。我拿掉蠍子,朋友感覺變差,我重新加回蠍子,另外又新增白僵蠶,從視訊的螢幕上非常明顯看出朋友的上眼瞼活動迅速變差,我立即刪掉白僵蠶。新的方案為: 歸元方一號x1,葛根湯x1,白芷x1,蠍子三隻x1,地龍x1

4.    2022/01/12 自使用新方案後,朋友每天都有些許進步,12日清晨,朋友很高興告訴我,他覺得非常好,症狀等級就像0一樣。

5.    這是我第一次針對疑似重症肌無力的病人測試LSF,如果在症狀一開始出現時,就立即使用方案: 歸元方一號x1,葛根湯x1,白芷x1,蠍子三隻x1,地龍x1,其效果會不會更好,因為目前無法回推,所以無法斷定。不過,我相信這是研究如何使用LSF去造福重症肌無力患者的一個好的開始。

6.    繼續追蹤




目前醫界仍無法治癒它,但治療可以幫助緩解症狀和體徵。雖然這種疾病可以影響任何年齡的人,但在 40 歲以下的女性和 60 歲以上的男性中更常見。





這些免疫系統產生的某種抗體還會阻斷一種稱為肌肉特異性受體酪氨酸激酶(TIE-roh-seen KIE-nays) 的蛋白質的功能,有時也稱為 MuSK。這種蛋白質參與形成神經肌肉接頭,當MuSK被阻斷時也可導致重症肌無力。有些患有重症肌無力的病人,並不是由阻斷乙酰膽鹼、MuSK的抗體引起的。這種類型的重症肌無力稱為血清陰性重症肌無力或抗體陰性重症肌無力。總的來說,重症肌無力仍然與自身免疫基礎出現異常有關,但所涉及的是何種抗體尚無法檢測到。




·         一側或雙側上眼瞼下垂

·         複視


·         影響說話:講話可能聽起來柔和或帶有鼻音。

·         吞嚥困難:難以進食、飲水或服藥。吞嚥的液體可能會從鼻子流出。

·         影響咀嚼:用餐時難以咀嚼食物。

·         面部表情改變。



4. 疲勞,疾病或感染,手術,壓力,一些藥物,懷孕,月經期等,也可能加重症狀。


·         呼吸,複視,吞嚥,咀嚼,步行,手臂或手無力,無力抬起頭。




Molecular Transcription Resonance System/Molecular Resonance Health Method - Class content (5)

We are going to talk about another basic concept of MTS: gravity.

Why is the gravity curvature of time and space?

Any object exists in the continuum of time and space and distorts the time and space around them. It is this distortion that pulls in other objects, which is gravity.

Because of gravity, the moon revolves around the earth.


The earth is not the only one in this time and space, there are many planets. (picture)

This is not drawn by a scientist. I asked Teacher Jiang to draw my thoughts. It is a time-space landscape.

There is a planet here and there is a planet there, our map of the landscape is not flat. It is comprised of numerous planets; therefore, the time-space landscape must be multiple.


If there are many planets in this area and the mass is high, this place will be denser, and if there are only a few planets in that area, it will be relatively flat. Multiple space-time networks will overlap each other. It is not flat and also has no range; it is expanded, extended, and continuous.


Knowing that there is gravity, we must know gravity waves. Gravity waves spread in space and time like ripples. When objects with huge mass (such as black holes) move in space, they will cause gravitational waves to propagate in the universe. (This is a schematic diagram, not the real appearance of gravity waves.)

Einstein first predicted the existence of gravity waves in 1915. He said: There may be no way to prove it.

Do you know why he thought that way? I think it was because he was unable to predict the stage of the future development of science and technology and whether there are so many countries willing to invest in research to find gravity waves.


He said Space is enormously stiff. You can’t squish it. You can’t distort space very much. But you do get a littledistortion.


The technology at the time was indeed not observable, but it should exist in theory. This theory was published, and it was not actually observed until 100 years later. I will briefly explain the process:

1. Since September 2015, the 4 gravity wave signals detected by LIGO and Virgo resulted from the collision of two black holes. A black hole will swallow almost all the energy produced by the impact, electromagnetic waves, neutrinos, and high-energy particles. These gravitational wave events "can only be heard but not seen."


2. In order to "see" gravity wave events, scientists pin their hopes on neutron stars, the smallest but densest stars in the universe. Their diameter is only 20 kilometers, but the mass of a spoon is as high as 1 billion tons, which is about the weight of the entire Mount Everest.


3. Researchers from the US Laser Interferometry Gravity Wave Observatory (LIGO), the Italian Virgo Interferometer (Virgo), and 70 ground and space telescopes, after two months of observation and analysis; on October 16, 2017, a press conference was held simultaneously in multiple institutions to inform the world: On August 17, human beings first detected gravity waves generated by a neutron star impact and for the first time by gravity at the same time. Waves and electromagnetic waves (light) observe a cosmic event.


NASA made a video to show the gravity waves were observed. We also made use of NASA's video to make another video to tell you what LSF is about.

In the video, I said: If gravity waves are the heartbeat of the universe, the Light Sound Flow is the pulse of the universe.                                        

 _Hu Youning



At that time, some scientists also said: OK! We have now observed gravity waves, and now we can begin to study them. How can we use the gravity wave for research and development? However, our products LSF/MTS were launched before the gravity waves were observed. We repeatedly told everyone that LSF/MTS is the application of gravity waves and the concept of quantum physics. At that time, no one believed us. Sometimes, there are some epoch-making inventions, in the beginning, people poured cold water on them.


This time the observation is 130 million light-years away in the NGC 4993 Hydra galaxy. Gravity waves were formed by two neutron stars from orbiting each other to colliding with each other. I want to use this event to tell you a very important concept: the space-time power grid is a continuous superposition phenomenon.


I hope you will notice that the activities that had occurred 130 million light-years ago have been observed by us now. What does this mean?

There are many stars in the sky that are tens of millions of light-years away from us. We see their light now, although maybe some stars no longer exist.


We now see it glowing, which represents the phenomenon of continuous superposition of the space-time grid; time is continuous without interruption; space also continues without interruption; time and space are connected and cannot be dissociated. You must have this concept first!!


Space-time is the state of continuous superposition phenomenon, and the space-time grid is also a continuous superposition phenomenon. From the beginning of our class to the present, our time and space are continuous without interruption. If you can understand this concept, then you can understand that once a sound is recorded, that sound will always be valid; once a photo has been taken that photo will always be useful. Because the space-time power grid is a continuous superposition phenomenon.

(to be continued…)