Molecular Transcription Resonance System/Molecular Resonance Health Method - Class content (1)

The English of RIM is: Resonance Imagery Motion

Before our formal class begins, I would like to inform you that I am a researcher, and not a medical professional.

In the past, you have often asked me: Are there any effects of what goes with what?

I have explained there are certain things you cannot do. That is for your safety; sometime if you are dealing with urgent problems, you may combine a lot of carriers, but it may not be necessary. It may help you, or it may harm you. But it does not mean that when I tell you: you cannot do this. That does not mean that you are wrong. I do not mean that! Why? Because you can try it by yourself, you can try your method. If it is not working, stop immediately. The carriers you use might be good for some people, but may not be suitable for your situation.


I cannot specifically comment on your choice of carriers that you want to add. There are so many medical factions and there are a variety of medical factors involved. So I have to say: If you want to try, you can try. But, I am here to tell you again: Epoch-making changes have been discovered by accident! Maybe you will find it by accident; you will become another discoverer!


But if you add something you want to mix and the effect is not good, you have to figure it out by yourself, do not tell me that LSF/MTSV is invalid.


LSF/MTSV is a resonance tool. You must select what carriers are suitable for your symptoms. This is crucial! You cannot say: Ah, those for weight loss are not effective, and those carriers for flu and cough are not effective. You have to see whether those carriers you choose are correct. How can you expect if you take stomach medicine it will treat the flu effectively? So you have to recognize this first!


We officially introduce our topic Molecular Transcription Resonance System/Molecular Resonance Health Method

First generation

Why must I teach you about the first-generation, regardless of whether you are a new student, or old?

Do you know what your biggest problem is?

When you introduce your family to my system, they are often skeptical. You wish to record their voice and then run the software to treat them. Perhaps they do not believe you. They will say that you definitely believe who said or what..., and then you cannot explain why.

You always talk to your family: If you do not understand, it doesn't matter, you just use it. That’s all.

When they ask you and you can't answer them, they will say: Who are you listening to? You have been deceived again. It’s because you can't clearly explain this theory to them.

That is very important to understand the theory. You must study the theory.


We go directly to the RIM unit

RIM is the beginning of our entire system. RIM originally only had Chinese names, but I thought: What if one day I want to explain RIM to foreigners. How will I describe it in English?

For those students who have already participated in RIM, think about it, too. If you want to

introduce RIM to a foreign friend, how do you say it in English?


There is a story behind the origin of this English name.

Because I was thinking at the time: How can I introduce RIM to foreign friends?

Do I tell him that it is witchcraft? Westerners do not believe in witchcraft.

Do I tell him that it is voodoo? They will have a skeptical look and feel it is harmful because it involves some strange things! What English words should be used to express it?


I asked my American friend if he had ever heard of voodoo?

He said: I have a friend from Haiti. I know voodoo. I have been to Haiti, but when they were doing voodoo magic, because I was a foreigner, they did not allow me to enter the house.

I asked him: So you have never seen anyone use voodoo?

He said: He knew they used a doll or something, and then they would use a needle to puncture the doll made of animal bones or straw, and then they would do something to hurt people, strange things, or medical treatment.

I told him: Do you know that I have been studying voodoo for more than 20 years?

He was surprised! But, because I used LSF to help him on many occasions in the past, including during his cancer surgery, I assisted him. Also, after he received the Covid-19 vaccine, he had some serious side effects, which I also used LSF to help him get through the danger. So, he felt very interested, and he said: Oh! You have been studying for more than 20 years!

I told him: Do you want to learn? I will teach you, and you can learn it right away.

He said: OK! OK!

I think it is based on trusting me.


I told him: Now imagine it, do you remember what you had for breakfast today?

He said: I know! I ate cereal.

I asked him: Do you remember what color was the bowl?

He said: I remember.

I asked: Can you imagine, there is a bowl of that color in your brain, with cereal in it, and the image of you eating cereal in the morning.

He replied: Yes!

I said: OK! Then you have reached the first step.

The next thing is that you like a football team, but you can’t join that football team because you are very thin.

So, can you imagine that you are playing football with your favorite football players on that football team?

He said: Yes, I can imagine.

I said: Okay, you also did the second step.


I continued to say: You can't turn somersaults; can you imagine you are turning somersaults?

He said: Of course, I can.

I said: You also did the third step. So, is there any physical discomfort in your body now? I will teach you to treat your body by yourself immediately.

He said: Actually, my left hip is very uncomfortable.

The reason is he is getting older, he also feels that he wants to delay aging, so he plans to take 10,000 steps every day.

At first, I suggested to him don’t walk too much at once, because his muscle strength is not enough and he will get hurt.

But he persisted. A few days later, he told me that his left hip was very painful.

I said: It is just right to try. I will teach you how to treat your own buttocks. You now imagine placing your injured buttocks where your hands are easy to reach. Because it is the left hip, for you, you can imagine you are lying on your stomach, or you can imagine you lying on your side with your left hip facing up. Then, you imagine slapping your left hip with your hand.


At first, he just sat still; he used his brain to imagine that he was slapping his left hip with his hand.

I said: No. You have to actually use your hand to slap your imaginary left hip. Virtual left hip. If after slapping your left hip, your hand felt tired, you can wipe.

About a minute later, he said: Really, I feel better!

I said: As long as you continue to do this, just do it as you imagine it, anytime, no matter where you are. You can also do it in bed. You just lie on the bed, put your imaginary virtual body on the bed, and use your real hand to pat or touch.

His hips improved, and the next day, he continued to walk. Keep walking, and then keep touching. He is sure that he could really heal himself. He did not feel any pain after he used the RIM method.

(To be continued…….)