The advantages of building a global cloud healthcare network 建構全球LSF/MTS雲端醫療網的利益

If governments and business communities in various countries are willing to participate in research and jointly establish a cloud medical system, the business community will be profitable. The country can reduce the cost of medical treatment. The people can reduce their medication, injections, medical rehabilitation, as well as the time, money and fatigue required to travel to and from the hospital.

This is the green energy medical industry with the least environmental pollution. The government can also use the money it saves for patients who need high-tech medical technology to be treated. Let all patients, rich and poor, receive care.

Therefore, doctors will not be unemployed, and hospitals and pharmaceutical factories will not fail. They will have more funds to upgrade medical technology and research more difficult problems.

Medical software can also be combined with video game technology to allow lonely elderly people and patients to treat diseases while they are entertaining themselves. It is estimated that a global cloud healthcare network can bring global economic benefits of several trillion dollars.