Digital electronic drug production and transmission technology

I answer the most frequently asked questions as follows:
1. How does the frequency of the sound’s record applied to the photo enhance the "entanglement effect" or “resonance effect”?
2. What exactly is the resonance device? How does it affect photos or charts (meridian maps, anatomy chart, etc.)?
3. How does the sound’s record affect or transcribe photos or charts, and what form of the treatments can be provided to the patients, or “how can we achieve the purpose of maximum health care?”

1.The current basic rules for computers are:
  • Rule one: The computer only recognizes 0, 1.
  • Rule two: All sound and video transmission must be converted to digital signals first.
  • Rule three: Process of message transmission includes transmitting- start, sampling, quantizing, coding, decoding, and receiving- end.
  • Rule four: The transmitting- start is an electronic device and the receiving- end is also an electronic device. If the receiving- end is not an electronic device but a human body, there must be a connecting line.

2. The theory and technology I propose have changed the existing basic rules.
  • Changed rule one
    (1) Since MTS/LSF is the application software, it is of course necessary to digitize the signal first when using a computer or mobile phone as a vehicle for loading and delivering molecular signals.
    (2) We all know digital cameras convert light to digit 0101, and digital recording also converts the frequency to 0101. These digitized codes are symbols, not real objects,but I found that the people in the photos were digitally compiled and still have the same frequency as actual people. The voices spoken by people and the sounds that are broadcast after recording are also the same. Therefore, MTS/LSF successfully uses them as carriers.

  • Changed rule two
    (1)Photos of drugs have their natural frequency.
    (2)Designing the program to perform scanning-clicking on photos is to enhance the natural frequency of photos.
    (3)We will set specific positions on the anatomy or meridian maps. By enhancing the electronic activity on the positions, it is able to enhance the binding resonance of the electronic activity at that particular location and sound.

  • Changed rule three
    Although there is no base station, network, or antenna, MTS/LSF can rely on the tangling effect of sound and the sound waves hitting the Grid of Time and Space to transmit messages. 

  • Changed rule four
    The receiving end can be people, animals or plants. There is no line connection, no receiver, and no need to wear any devices. Also, there is no distance limit. It is mainly because the receiving- end itself has the essence of electronic activity.

3. Observe the frequency of photos or sound- recordings from the quantum physics perspective: 

Everything is numbers. All numbers are particles. We mainly convert the particles that make up the material into digits with combinations of 0 and 1 permutations.
Everything is numbers: All substances are composed of the smallest unit (particles). The images rendered by taking pictures with a mobile phone are actually images compiled with digital 0 and 1, and the frequency of these images preserve the frequency of the subject.
All numbers are particles: Photos and sounds are made up of particles. However, in computers or mobile phones, photos and sounds are composed of different arrangements of 0 and 1. The essence of numbers is also particles.

(1)Photo transcription: 
a.Photos store light reflected from the subject and the light preserves the natural frequency of the subject.
b.This system’s photo displaying of the medicine: When a computer or a mobile phone is displaying a photo on the screen, there will be frequent electronic activities between the display and the driver. This current electronic activity will form an electromagnetic field.
c.The technical means of the resonance is to make use of the magnetic field formed by the current electronic activities between the display and the driver as an energy field to enhance the natural frequency of the photo.

d.The system has set the red dot flashing and scanning function. Their function is to continuously perform the flashing or scanning action on the selected photo. The flashing of the red dots are also an electronic activity which will enhance the natural frequency of the photos.

(2)Voice transcription:
The recording file stores the natural frequency of the recorded subject. Because the sound particles played in the computer or mobile phone is from the sound-producing subject, even though they are separated from each other, they still have a tangled resonance effect.

4. The device that performs transcription, resonance and transmission is a computer or a mobile phone.
(1) Produces three electromagnetic fields:
a. When the computer or mobile phone is turned on, the computer or the mobile phone will form an electromagnetic field A. In A, we will separately manufacture the electromagnetic fields B and C.
b. When the applications of MTS or LSF begin to operate, electromagnetic field B is formed.
c. When the sound is played continuously, an electromagnetic field C is formed.

(2) Let A, B and C electromagnetic fields operate at the same time; they will begin to form an overlapping resonance (the same electronic activity, the same digital coding units).

(3) The message which has undergone overlapping resonance is transmitted to the target mainly through the sound or picture of the subject.

(4) The main role of sound is:
  a. Like radar tracking, lock on to the subject that made the sound. Since the subject’s voice and the sound played in the computer or the mobile phone are derived from the same subject, tangling resonance arises, even though they are separated.
  b. The sound is also used for a carrier that transmits the drugs (photo) frequency. All carriers will adopt Fourier transform in the electric field inside the computers or mobile phones. Each group of electronic activities after conversion is a packet containing carrier information. The sound wave is like a conveyor belt, which sends the packets to the subject of the sound. Also, we can use the photo of the subject.
  c. The way to strengthen the entanglement effect: During the resonance, the sound must be played continuously. The sound does not have to be loud. It can be tuned to the minimum , but it cannot be muted.
(5) These particles carrying carrier fluctuations will hit the particles inside the human body. Since the output fluctuations of computers or mobile phones are fixed, when they resonate with the body’s particles, they cause a simple harmonic oscillation effect. This effect can gradually adjust the irregular fluctuations of the human body which are caused by the illness and will become stable and orderly ones. This will achieve the purpose of health restoration.

5.‘’What is the best way to provide treatment to the patients?”, or "How can we achieve the purpose of maximum health care?"
There are at least 200 kinds of common illnesses in humans. The system has built in a database that contains photographs of at least 640 types of Single recipe and Compound recipe natural medicines. These photos of medicines can be used in different combinations depending on the symptoms.

MTS /LSF systems have established the Valuable Dictionary of Medicines and the Valuable Dictionary of Acupuncture. These databases have taken 25 years to collect from 400,000 patients to accumulate the valid data. Users can set up carriers based on database recommendations.

Valuable Dictionary of Medicines:


Abdominal bloating, acute enteritis, enterovirus, diarrhea, abdominal pain

1. Select pre- recorded patient voice from sound file (loop play)
2. Molecular carriers:
Medicinal materials:  Futongfang-B, Muxiang
After the setting is completed, click the play button to execute. You can archive the setting to become an LSF file, and you can execute the file by directly clicking on the file each time you want to execute; there is no need to repeat the setting.
3. Execution:
Sound and molecular carriers must be performed at the same time. The sound can be tuned to the minimum, but it cannot be muted. The sound must be on to facilitate the transmission of molecular messages.
4. Play time:
8 hours a day. It can be performed during the day or at night.
※Because acute enteritis is a bacterial infection, you can take a two-hour rest after eight hours of treatment and then continue to circulate.
When you stop having diarrhea, you can shorten the execution time until the patient has fully recovered.
5. Description:
After the carrier is set and executed, patient usually starts to feel improvement in abdominal pain after about 30 minutes. The symptoms will improve significantly after one day of continuous execution. However, because the severity of the symptoms is different, some people still experience mild diarrhea. After three consecutive days most of the patients will stop diarrhea. Even though the diarrhea has been stopped for one day, you must to continue to execute because the bacteria will easily reproduce.
6. Operation as shown:
(6-1)Examples: LSF


Meniere's disease (headache, vertigo, chest tightness, tinnitus, ear itch, ear plug feeling)

1. Select pre- recorded patient voice from sound file (loop play)

2. Molecular carriers:
(1)Medicinal materials:   Xuanyunfang-B  (enhanced version)
※Enhanced setting mode: Click 【】 and then click play button 【】 to execute, you can archive to become a .src file. You can execute the file directly by clicking on the file each time you want to execute. There is no need to repeat the setting.
(2) Dynamic channel and Meridian Acupuncture Points :
Wangu,SI 4, Yang gu,SI 5, Zhu zheng,SI 7, Jian zhen,SI 9, Tīng gong,SI 19, Han yan,GB 4, Tīng hui,GB 2,Gallbladder Meridian,Small Intestine Meridian
※ Meridian acupuncture diagram point completion can be archived as a .src file.
Whenever we need to execute it, we can click on the file directly and there is no need to repeat it again.

3. Execution:
Sound and molecular carriers must be performed at the same time. The sound can be tuned to the minimum, but it cannot be muted. The sound must be on to facilitate the transmission of molecular messages.

4. Play time:
Use 8 hours a day. It can be performed during the day or at night.
※If the symptoms are too severe for you to get out of bed, you can take a two-hour rest after eight hours of execution and continue to circulate. Mostly, after one or two days the patients have been able to get up and move around. After that, the patients can reduce the execution time each day until fully recovered.

5. Description:
Because the patient's severe symptoms are different, usually the patient will gradually improve after about 30 minutes from the start of the carrier setting, but the patient still needs to rest. After three to four days of continuous execution, the symptoms will be significantly improved. Some people may also experience vertigo occasionally, but life and work can be normal. It is recommended that they continue for two additional weeks.

6. Operation as shown: MTS