What is the cloud detection system?

What is the cloud detection system?

What is the difference between the detection system and the inspection system?

Everyone should discover the fact that you can check your body condition with any test instrument or equipment, such as blood pressure, heartbeat, blood sugar...However, when you go to the hospital you still have to check again.

Regardless of whether the hospital uses any testing equipment or device to check your condition and know what disease you are suffering from, the doctors need to find a cure, and this treatment must be effective, so that your illness will be cured, or you will have stability control.

This is the current normal mode of operation whereby the inspection system and the treatment system cooperate together.

I hope to develop a detection system.
This system can detect drugs and select them to treat patients' diseases without knowing what disease the patient has.

In addition, through the collection and comparison of big data, the system can help to clarify the correct correlation between drugs and diseases, and find a module that can be perfectly matched. It is very helpful to develop effective and safe drugs in the future.

I use the diagram below to clarify what I mean:

One screw
Five different size screw caps
Only one screw cap can be matched with the screw

One door
Five keys
Only a correct key can open the door

A password lock
There are many combinations of numbers
Only one correct combination of numbers can open the password lock

The MTS system you are seeing is a manually set project. The user sets the drug by judging the symptoms of the disease.

A password lockDisease symptoms
There are many combinations of numbersVarious drugs and carriers
Only one correct combination of numbers can open the password lockThe correct frequency of the drugs and carriers combination could effectively treat diseases of the human.

The detection system is a computer intelligent setting. After the patient inputs his own voice or image, the detection system immediately arranges the correct frequency combination through the fast calculation and automatically starts the operation system.

Through the detection system, the use of medicine will enter a new realm, and the development and manufacture of medicines may no longer require long and inhumane animal and human experiments.

We don't need to start with the difficult problems of cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, rare diseases, etc., because doing so will only complicate the problem.

We can collect the validated modules for digital analysis and coding first, and find out the circumstances under which the patient's frequency and drug frequency can be combined. The key point of the technology is to find the rule.

This is not only a concept, but the current technology can already be done, but it is very complicated. Just as computers and mobile phones have been around for a long time, both MTS and LSF were installed on them since 2012. I expect through cross-domain collaboration will be achieved the purpose of disease detection.